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We all know that computers are one of the basic things that we use to communicate and even to teach online or maybe to play games. We know to know what kind of computer we really need to make a very good one. Many people use computer to create websites and even for other people to get to know the other side of the word. Kansas City website design is also a very common sites to visit. People are very curious about anything even simple things can be found using the computer. Many kids now are really crazy into playing computer games.  

We are going to know what are the different computer that we have in this modern world.  


PC (PERSONAL COMPUTER): It is very common for its name PC but the real name of this device is personal computer. This is one of the basics and most widely used all over the world. It is design to be sued for one person or individual. Under personal computer, people can either choose between a Mac or a system being operated by windows.  If you know the history of computer, you will really see the big difference between the two. The very first computer is as big as a room.   

DESKTOP COMPUTER: Compared with the personal computer a desktop computer is designed for portability. You have to set it up in a permanent place or a place that is very convenient for you to use it or place it. Unlike with the personal computer, desktop offers more storage volume.   

LAPTOPS: This is one of the most common for people to use now. Laptops can be very handy and you can bring it anywhere you go. You have the battery in it. It is also commonly called portable computer as you can bring it to the place wherever you go.   

NETBOOKS: Compared with the laptops, netbooks are more likely to be comfortable to bring anywhere. It is lighter than the laptops and even a bit smaller to the laptop. It is more expensive to the laptops. If you are going to look at the storage and even the processor of it. It is not as powerful as the laptops.   

PDA (PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANTS): Compared to what we talked about a while ago., this kind of computer is very compact. It is using the flash memory compared to the laptops that needs to use hard drive.  It doesn’t have keyboards and you can only use the touchscreen of it.   

WORKSTATION COMPUTER: This type of computer is very heavy and it needs to be placed in one working station. Compared with all the computer stuffs we talked about, this one is very powerful when it comes to storage and it the processor itself. You can do heavy computer games here and even editing projects. Check out body art nudist 


SUPERCOMPUTER: This type of computer is literally expensive than others, check this out no guarantor offers at loansbyte. It is highly powerful to all of computer out there and costing too much.

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