Roofing Problems

6 Common Roofing Problems 

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One of the most important systems in our homes is the roofing system, but how come it is often the most neglected? The answer we can think of is that no one has the time to go on the roof and check on something. Or not every household member knows anything about roofing. If you ever visit or check the roof above, chances are you might not know what you’re looking unless the damage is really obvious.   Well, don’t wait up until you experience a leak. Call Arlington roofing contractors for roofing check-up and maintenance. The following are the common roofing problems you should know about.   Roofing Problems Moisture and Leaks  One of the enemies of roofing system is the moisture. It can get moisture from ice, hail, rain, wind, snow and other debris. All these factors have moisture in them, which might get under the layers of the roof. Such moisture will lead to leaks. If leaks are not fixed right away, it could turn into mold which is not good for everyone’s health. The other materials of the roofing system might also rot because of the mold and too much moisture.   Poor or Faulty Installation  The roofing is such a complicated system. So, if the contractors improperly installed it, then it’s more likely to experience a lot of problems. The life expectancy of a roofing system is 25-50 years old, and if the installation is not right, it might be reduced. When you hire a roofing company, make sure their contractors are well-trained and well-experienced.   Critters  Aside from the moisture, critters can also cause a lot of damage. Insects, birds and other small animals can damage your roof. Why do these animals flock on your roof? They are mostly attracted to the wood beneath the roof overhang. So make sure that you always check if it has holes, cracks or rotten parts.   Improperly Installed Flashing  The flashing is a part of your roof that seals the sky lights, vent pipes, AC system and chimneys. It is also a primary spot for water leaks or damage because it can be easily penetrated with moisture. If the flashing is poorly installed or attached, it might cause laps and open seams. Check lennycasino A damaged or poorly installed flashing can also reduce the puncture resistance of the roof.   Punctures and Penetrations  Since the roof protects the house from any kinds of elements, it’s exposed to hail and strong winds. Such forces of natural can cause punctures in the roofing material. That’s why maintenance is need because the flashing and sealants should be looked at regularly.   Lack of Maintenance  Obviously, if you don’t take care of something, it will lead to damages. Issues can start as a minor problem, like moisture and leaks. The limbs of the trees hanging around can also cause a damage, if you just neglect them then your roof will suffer. Your roof needs routine inspection and maintenance so problems can be fixed as early as possible. A proper maintenance will extend the life span of your roof, which saves you a lot of money.

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