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Maintaining Your Solar Panel 

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It is very important to take care of your solar panel. The reason for this is that solar panels produce less amount of energy for your home if you do not maintain it. Keeping the panels clean is the most crucial aspect of solar panel maintenance since it has to absorb the energy from the sun. Typically, you can clean a solar panel with the use of regular cleaning tools that you use to wash your car and home windows.  


Solar panels will work efficiently as long as you give it regular care and do not let dirt and dust settle on the panels.  

Monitor Performance 

To monitor the performance of your solar panels, you have to install a gaming monitoring system. You will immediately know that maintenance is needed if it is not performing well. Almost every monitoring system available in the market requires a professional to install it properly. Some of them also require a monthly subscription fee.  

Cleaning the Solar Panels 

  1. Buy a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit 

This cleaning kit should include a tiny brush, a wiper, and a liquid soap. In several occasions, it includes a brush that has a long handle. In a lot of aspects, these products are the same as what you utilize to clean the windows of your vehicle. Thus, you can always use your car cleaning tools instead if you can’t buy a solar panel cleaning kit.  

  1. Mix Water and Soap in a Bucket 

You should always read the label of the liquid soap to know the ratio of the water and the soap. It is typically around a similar ratio that you utilize when cleaning your vehicle.  

  1. Dip The Brush Into the Water and Soap Mixture 

After mixing the soap and water, dip the brush into the bucket and rub it gently over the panels. You should be able to complete the job easily using a small handheld brush if you’ve got the panels separated into smaller arrangements. On the other hand, it can be hard to reach the panels in the middle if you have bigger panel arrangements. Thus, you’ll have to utilize the brush that has a long handle.  

  1. Wipe The Panels 

After brushing the panels, you still have to wipe them while they are still wet. Typically, you can find the wiper attached at the back of the brush.  

You should always wipe the panels while they are still wet. You shouldn’t allow the soap to dry on the surface. The reason for this is that dried soap will block the amount of sunlight that the panels can absorb.  

  1. Hire an Expert 

If there are several parts of the panels that you aren’t able to clean, you can always contact a professional solar panel cleaner. It can be often hard to reach every panel. That’s why it is always wise to hire a professional solar panel cleaning Upland. These professionals also have all the needed tools needed to do the job as fast as possible.  

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